Personalized Bereavement

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“I don't know what I would have done without Banister. After a sudden loss, I had no clue or desire to figure out what needed to be done. They made it so simple, they truly care. This kind of service isn't easy to find.” - M. C.

We often want to help our family members and friends after someone close to them dies.  But it is difficult to provide the needed support when people live far apart or we have limited time or expertise.

You can provide a thoughtful gift through Banister's Personalized Bereavement Services.  


We customize each package to alleviate the emotional and logistical complexities that overburden individuals and families who are grieving.  We can effectively provide these services by phone across the United States, or in person for clients in Seattle and Portland.


During the initial consultation our expert Navigators sensitively review the client's needs to create a customized Bereavement Support Plan. 


Each unique plan may include elements such as: 

  • Therapeutic support and resources to reduce logistical burdens and stress

  • Coaching on how to plan and manage funeral/memorial events, including ways to honor the deceased’s unique personality, culture, history, and desires

  • Concierge matching for grief therapy options based on insurance coverage and other factors (e.g. individual  group format, location, day, time, therapist background/gender, etc.)

  • Development of a detailed Bereavement Checklist required to settle the affairs of the deceased

  • Culturally sensitive referrals to nearby spiritual care providers, funeral home directors, clergy, licensed mental health professionals and secular grief coaches

  • Customized communications to inform family, friends, and the general community of the deceased’s passing

A Daughter's Duty




 “Thank you so much for all your loving support throughout our journey. Your service is priceless.” - T. C.


Samantha was left in absolute shock after receiving the morning update from her father's doctor.  She simply could not believe he had just died.

Samantha had spoken with her father on the phone only the night before to discuss her travel plans to see him later that month. What should have been a quick overnight stay in the hospital to address a kidney infection had quickly turned into a much more critical condition. Samantha felt trapped in a nightmare as she began to make the painful calls to her closest family and friends to share the news. In four years, Samantha has lost both her parents and was overwhelmed by the thought of all that was ahead of her.

As a small business owner, Samantha was in a difficult position.  While she wanted to put her life on hold to handle her father's affairs, plan the funeral, and support her two younger brother's in their own grief, she felt torn by obligations to her clients and employees. Sensing that Samantha could use some expert support, her Uncle William, who lived in another state, called Banister and made arrangements to have a Navigator contact her directly.


Samantha's assigned Navigator, an experienced  social worker and licensed mental health professional, was able to quickly and compassionately lift some of the logistical burdens by coordinating the final details of the upcoming funeral . The Navigator also helped track down an insurance policy payout to be included in her father's assets during probate. From there, Samantha was able to spend more time trying to stay healthy, managing her business, and being present for her youngest brother who was struggling to stay sober throughout his intense grief. During their weekly calls, Samantha's Navigator would help identify the most pressing areas where she could be of service with specific tasks and to provide emotional support every step of the way. Her Navigator even found a low-cost mental health provider to begin working with her brother right away, with great success.


Samantha credits Banister's support with enabling her to maintain her own well being and the health of her business during the difficult months after her father's death. She was also grateful for the expert and timely support needed to ensure her brother was set up to effectively manage his own sobriety. The customized checklist created and managed by her Navigator meant that important steps were not overlooked.  All of this helped Samantha remain less anxious about managing all her responsibilities. 


Samantha will never forget Uncle William, her father's brother, for being able to provide her with such an incredibly valuable gift of support during a period of her life when she needed it most.