Lifespan Navigation  Benefits

The critical safety net to help attract, retain, and sustain resilience in your valued employees.

Supporting team members dealing with overwhelming circumstances

Organizations rely on our team of deeply experienced and highly credentialed professionals to deliver unique supportive services known as Lifespan Navigation®. Common areas of support include: health and mental health, parenting, eldercare, end of life and bereavement support after loss.

Peace of mind
Retained focus
Enhanced productivity
Organizational resilience
Demonstrating values
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Ready to learn more?

Business leaders and benefits brokers are welcome to schedule an introductory call to discuss program details.

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“Knowing that Banister is there to help us navigate the challenging times that lay ahead is comforting and reassuring.”

- Amy Parker, HR Leader, OHSU Foundation
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High Quality EAPs are essential; but when they fall short, employees can be left feeling overwhelmed.

Facing life’s hardest challenges without effective support leads to feelings of disengagement and distraction.

Mitigate risk and build a more resilient, productive, stable and relieved workforce with Lifespan Navigation® benefits.

*SOURCE | SHRM 2020 ‘What is an EAP’ - https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/hr-qa/pages/whatisaneap.aspx

** Most EAP counselors have 2 years of experience, while Banister Navigators have on average 10+ years of experience in clinical and private practice settings

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Elevating mental health resilience

Our licensed mental health experts deliver live, interactive workshops to help senior leaders, managers, and employees navigate difficult circumstances at work and at home.


Thank you for this presentation – it has been really helpful for validating my feelings and experiences. I feel better prepared to cope much more effectively now.
- Recent Webinar Participant

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