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Employer Benefits

From our experienced Navigators, to our back office staff and trusted professional partners, everyone involved in serving your employees has the expertise, experience and knowledge to address any medical crisis or bereavement related challenge

Peace of Mind

Employees want to be certain that they will be fully supported by their organization when they face certain challenges

in their lives outside of work

Competitive Positioning

Organizations are expected to keep pace with, or even exceed competing employer offerings, as industries rapidly expand benefits portfolios to attract and retain scarce, high-value talent

Increased Loyalty

Providing a holistic benefits offering that includes life crisis support can inspire enhanced loyalty throughout the organization by supporting team stability when a leader or colleague is impacted

Enhanced Productivity

Our services can mitigate exposure to risks of critical productivity loss common among high-value contributors who are impacted by healthcare crisis and bereavement circumstances



Our Base Program Includes Resilience Building Events, Intakes, Resource Sharing, and Referrals

Three-part webinar series

(1 hour live, interactive session + 1 hour follow-up session per topic) to engage employees with relevant, entertaining, and informative content.

Exclusive Employee Resources

  • No-cost intake evaluations and community resource sharing

  • No-cost referrals to relevant legal, financial, healthcare, and other professionals

  • 10% off Banister Navigation service fees (most useful for employees who need additional services beyond the 8-hour package limits)

7 minute clip from 'Beyond Burnout' Webinar

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Supporting the Transition to Post-Pandemic Life


  • Understand the science of chronic stress and trauma on the brain and body, including the possibility of ‘post-traumatic growth’

  • Learn how to validate the experience of grief and honor losses as a means to healing

  • Explore burnout and understand how stress stays in the body after the stressor is gone, and how this may influence post-pandemic anxiety

  • Learn tools that support holistic health to heal and enhance resilience in the face of future distress



Customized Lifespan Navigation  Services


Individual navigation packages for employee health, eldercare, end-of-life and bereavement circumstances

To Include:

  • Situation assessment

  • Decision-making support

  • Detailed task timeline and project management

  • Therapeutic assistance in managing concerns

  • Family communications guidance and support

  • Facilitation of exclusive referrals to other providers and professionals (e.g., legal, financial, tax)


A man who identifies as Afro-Latino is experiencing many difficulties in managing his stress levels as he juggles the demands of being a manager, a husband, and the only child of his father who has recently entered hospice after a major heart-attack... As the child of immigrants to the US, he is also unable to find a qualified therapist who has the cultural competence needed to effectively support male, POC mental health...


A man in his mid-30’s learns that his recent symptoms of fatigue, thirst, and blurry vision are related to high-blood sugar and a shocking diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. He feels deeply anxious about what this means for his long-term health, the impact it will have on his busy professional career, especially how he will manage the stress from all the required changes to his lifestyle...


Three adult sisters in their 40/50’s,
all busy executives who are married with young kids of their own, are struggling to support their father as he tries desperately to navigate life with their mother, a well-known retired physician... who refuses to accept her diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and is unwilling to make changes as directed by her medical team (e.g. driving)...

Overwhelming situations come in many forms … where to begin?


The VP of Sales & Marketing at a mid-sized company experiences a lapse in recovery after 15 years of sobriety from pain killers. After his return from rehab, he feels lost when it comes restructuring his life to avoid the risk of future relapse. He knows that his company, family, and friends are 100% behind him, but still suffers from depression when he considers the shame of his condition and as he attempts to chart a new course for his future...



A senior-leader in her large corporation gets a shocking call from an out-of-state doctor that her father has died. Now, as the next of kin, she must handle everything that comes next to settle the affairs of the estate, including an unexpected inheritance. All of this comes after over years of estrangement from her father and a history of childhood abuse, on top of extreme difficulty in communicating with the extended family...



Personalized Provider Search and Access to Community Resources

Individual navigation packages to support employees requiring access to specific types of clinical providers

To Include:

  • In-depth needs assessment

  • Medical and pyscho-education from a licensed mental health professional to refine search goals

  • Search types include: therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists, registered dieticians, out-patient behavioral health and substance abuse providers, etc.

  • Access to a culturally competent network: BIPOC, LGTBQ+, people with disabilities, neuro-diverse, etc.

How It Works


15-Minute Intake Call

​Schedule a 15-minute intake call with one of Banister's licensed mental health professionals. During this call you will share criteria including insurance carrier, preferred day/time/location, in-person or tele-health format, and your history with the relevant type of health care. This time will also be used to verify any known goals, to educate you on provider specialties, and to explore what you most value in a therapeutic relationship.


Research & Verification

Banister will begin to research and directly contact potential providers on your behalf via email/phone to verify payment and availability criteria, along for screening for the providers’ training and comfort in assisting with your identified issues and goals.



Banister will send you a list of 3-5 providers who meet the discussed criteria for you to consider and contact directly for an initial consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for you to determine which provider may be the best fit for you.

Please note that after you schedule and complete the initial call, it may take up to 1-2 weeks for Banister to complete the search.



Expert Guidance for Senior Leaders, Managers, and HR/People Teams

Organizational real-time consultation services to HR and other leaders on employee-related risks and issues

To Include:

  • Thought partnership and consulting on longer term workforce wellbeing strategies

  • Mental health informed change management support (e.g., for re-orgs, role changes, DEI)

  • Leadership guidance to support specific scenarios:

    • Individual and group crises directly impacting work teams, managers, direct reports, external partners, etc.

    • Bereavement after loss (e.g., back-to-work transitions, and peer grief training/

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