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Fostering Psychological Resilience

Presented by Ann Marie Roepke, Ph.D.

This course was most recently offered in October 2020.

These are strange and frightening times. More than ever, providers need the skills and relationships that help us to be resilient. Resilience is about making it through hard times with the least suffering and the greatest well-being possible. Providers will explore strategies for building up resilience while managing the impact of 2020’s challenges. Topics we will cover include reconnecting with values, meaning and purpose; finding self-compassion as we face challenges; and establishing self-care practices. This interactive training includes lecture, online interaction, and information about tools and activities to use on your own after the training.


Ann Marie Roepke is a clinical psychologist based in Seattle, WA. After completing her doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania and then spending several years with the Veterans Health Administration, she opened a training and consulting business and a private practice. She's happy to be able to offer two types of services:

  • Training and consulting services aimed at empowering healthcare professionals, therapists, and other helpers to do their most effective and fulfilling work. For more information on training/consulting, visit the website for her company, Evoke Training and Consulting PLLC:

  • Clinical services for individuals working to make changes in their lives. She has a particular focus on helping people overcome anxiety, as well as the challenges that often come with anxiety (such as insomnia, alcohol use, and depression).


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