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Navigator Role Description


Banister Advisors is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all applicants and employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law. 


We rely on the contributions of individuals from diverse and intersectional backgrounds as a core source of the value proposition for our clients.  We emphasize the principle of inclusion within our team so that employees can feel confident that their mindset, perspective, origins, and life experience are recognized, understood, respected, and appreciated.

The Navigator role (‘Employee’) is central to furthering Banister Advisors’ mission to alleviate the complex emotional and logistical burdens confronting our clients in the face of health crisis, eldercare concerns, end-of-life circumstances, and loss. This Extended Team role reports directly to the Principal and will work in close collaboration with Banister’s Core Navigator Team as well as our Expeditors (research and administrative support).

This role is responsible for developing, delivering, and coordinating the activities of all Banister Advisors’ Navigation services as the primary liaison with, and on behalf of, clients. In addition to such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to Employee from time to time by the Company, in the Company’s sole discretion, the Employee shall generally be required to perform the following:

· Participate in regular meetings with the Principal and the greater Banister Advisors team;

· Assess medical/social history and cultural context, client requirements, and preferences upon intake and during the course of the client services engagement in order to develop, monitor, evaluate, and modify Banister Plan of Care materials and implementation activities as needed, based on evolving client and family needs in relation to issues of health crisis, eldercare support, end-of-life planning, dying, death, and/or grief;

· Partner with Expeditor(s) to maintain key data in client files according to company policies and procedures for event logging, progress tracking, key performance indicator tracking, etc., in alignment with the client-specific Banister Plan of Care;

· Continually assess client needs for advocacy, information, and referral to other external services, such as those that may be provided by Banister’s Strategic Partners or Preferred Providers/Vendors, in alignment with the client-specific Banister Plan of Care;

· Partner with Expeditor(s) to coordinate all direct client service provision, including in-person meetings, phone calls/Skype sessions, along with any arrangement of transportation and therapeutic companioning activities;

· Monitor cases by verifying client engagement and participation; observing and evaluating approach responses; advocating for needed services and entitlements; obtaining additional resources; intervening in crises; and providing personal support;

· Initiate regular communication of client progress, including potential risks and issues, to Principal and relevant Expeditor(s), Strategic Partners, Preferred Providers/Vendors, as needed;

· Improve personal and greater staff job knowledge and competence by sharing educational resources; balancing work requirements with educational opportunities; reading professional publications;  maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations; and ultimately evaluating the application of learning to changes in client service experience and outcomes; and

· Meet client engagement scopes of work and budgets (including billable hours and expenses) and improve overall financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; and recommending and implementing cost-saving actions to the General Manager.


· Master’s Degree in Social Work (or equivalent) with relevant clinical work experience in healthcare settings, eldercare services, hospice care, and/or grief and loss support (including intake and assessment processes and client crisis management).

· To have completed the process of becoming a licensed social worker in at least one US State (also applies to associate level) and to have maintained active licensure through meeting all requirements of applicable state-level certification organization(s)

· Experience and ability to both work as part of a team as well as function independently, and to coordinate activities as appropriate to accurately complete tasks and provide client services in a timely manner



· . . . the principle of inclusion within a team-based, social work
centered, work environment

·  . . . Banister Advisors core values of Grace, Integrity, Creativity, Generosity, and Excellence


· . . . Demonstrated commitment to NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Code of Ethics, including the values of Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence (as revised at the 2017 NASW Delegate Assembly)


· Primary and secondary research, including interviews

· Documentation

· Data analysis

· Decision making and planning

· Verbal and written communication

· People management, including conflict resolution and task supervision

· Emotional intelligence

· Ability to connect with all clients, team members, and other partners in a respectful and compassionate manner

· Capability of understanding and maintaining the highest level of integrity, confidentiality, and discretion in all client-related matters



Employee will be paid at rate of $70-96 per hour (based on licensure and experience) for each hour of billable client work (i.e., work performed by Employee directly billable to one or more clients) and $50 per hour for any non-billable work (i.e., work completed on internal-facing projects).  For any given month, there is no guarantee for a minimum of billable or non-billable paid hours. Part-time work will be paid monthly based on the billable and non-billable hours for the prior month.


· All Banister-hosted Continuing Education training events (with CE Units for WA and or OR state mental health providers) are provided to Extended Team Navigators at no cost.  More information at Banister's Education webpage

· External role-relevant training may be paid for or subsidized by Banister Advisors, in Banister Advisors’ sole and exclusive discretion.

· Paid vacation, sick leave, and personal time off (PTO) is offered to employees where applicable by laws. Paid PTO time is accrued for Washington State employees at a rate of one (1) hour for every forty (40) hours. Paid time off is paid to employees at the hourly rate defined in their employment agreement, and will adjust upon any formal changes to compensation that may occur. Accruals begin on the first day of employment. Paid time off cannot be capped and employees must accrue paid time off for all hours worked. Unused paid time off of 60 or fewer hours is carried over from one year to the following year for each employee. Banister Advisors provides each employee the opportunity to design their work schedule around the rest of their life. Each Employee will be encouraged to pursue vacation, work-life balance, and contributions to the community by working closely with the Principal to plan for and schedule time off in consideration of personal needs and client project demands.


Please send any inquiries about the role description or our company to  Individuals who wish to apply can also send their resume along with a cover letter, Attention: Principal.

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