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Life Crisis Response

Stabilizing support to address critical safety and wellbeing.

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Reassuring supportive services to stabilize the circumstances of clients and their families both during and after life crisis scenarios

Referrals to and liaison with therapists, certified life coaches, clergy, non-denominational chaplains, and other longer-term supportive services professionals

Facilitated decision-making and logistics support to meet immediate needs, prepare for known or potential transitions (as appropriate), and plan for the future

Guidance in developing detailed plans to both mitigate risk and help those impacted move forward in a range of practical ways


Helping Respond to and Recover from Overwhelming Situations

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Our scheduling tool makes it easy to find time

Whether it's an urgent, crisis response scenario or an inquiry regarding long term planning needs, we are ready to connect when the time is right for an initial conversation.

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Is there anything we can add or clarify?  Book time with one of our Navigators to explore your specific questions.

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