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During a health concern

Full spectrum navigation for all ages – from perinatal, to pediatric, and geriatric, spanning physical and mental health concerns.

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Serving clients in all phases of life, from reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric health to adult internal medicine, geriatrics, and palliative care

Concierge case management, logistics coordination, and therapeutic support for patients and their families responding to life-limiting diagnoses, acute medical crises, and/or management of chronic conditions

Customized planning to reduce complexity and lower costs in all phases of outpatient surgical procedures, clinical treatments, and/or longer stays and interventions at a hospital or rehabilitation center

On-site patient advocacy to ensure requirements and preferences are respected when family or designated caregivers are away

Non-medical advisory support and individual coaching on self-care strategies, navigating high-stress family dynamics, and conflict resolution during medical crises and/or other complex situations

Direct support to individuals and caregivers to prepare for a range of at-home recovery scenarios, including in-home care, short-term or permanent

accommodations, household support, daily financial management, transportation, social engagement, and other solutions for overall wellbeing

Collaborative support in researching healthcare coverage options including private pay, Medicare, and other government programs such as Social Security and Veterans Benefits

Development of timely and appropriate communications to extended family, friends, and associates, in collaboration with patients and/or their Healthcare Power of Attorney

Introductions to Banister’s trusted network of professionals to consider options for complex scenarios, including independent mental health professionals, certified mediators, professional fiduciaries, caregiving agencies, assisted living placement specialists, and disability attorneys


Expert Support from Experienced Health Care Professionals 

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Our scheduling tool makes it easy to find time

Whether it's an urgent, crisis response scenario or an inquiry regarding long term planning needs, we are ready to connect when the time is right for an initial conversation.

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