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Full spectrum

Serving clients in all phases of life, from reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric health to adult internal medicine, geriatrics, and palliative care

Concierge case management, logistics coordination, and therapeutic support for patients and their families responding to life-limiting diagnoses, acute medical crises, and/or management of chronic conditions

Customized planning to reduce complexity and lower costs in all phases of outpatient surgical procedures, clinical treatments, and/or longer stays and interventions at a hospital or rehabilitation center

On-site patient advocacy to ensure requirements and preferences are respected when family or designated caregivers are away

Non-medical advisory support and individual coaching on self-care strategies, navigating high-stress family dynamics, and conflict resolution during medical crises and/or other complex situations

Direct support to individuals and caregivers to prepare for a range of at-home recovery scenarios, including in-home care, short-term or permanent

accommodations, household support, daily financial management, transportation, social engagement, and other solutions for overall wellbeing

Collaborative support in researching healthcare coverage options including private pay, Medicare, and other government programs such as Social Security and Veterans Benefits

Development of timely and appropriate communications to extended family, friends, and associates, in collaboration with patients and/or their Healthcare Power of Attorney

Introductions to Banister’s trusted network of professionals to consider options for complex scenarios, including independent mental health professionals, certified mediators, professional fiduciaries, caregiving agencies, assisted living placement specialists, and disability attorneys


Full Spectrum Healthcare Navigation for All Ages 

Pesonalized support

Research, planning, and facilitated client evaluation and selection of a sustainable care plan that sensitively considers the entire family’s needs, personal preferences, and constraints

Clear identification of a range of healthcare, legal, and financial issues or risks that may impact the involved individuals and/or entities such as family trusts

Direct and sensitive support to each family member in a way that reduces logistical burdens and diminishes potential relationship stressors

Referrals to and coordination with other professionals as needed, such as supplemental healthcare specialists, mental health care professionals (e.g. dementia specialists), financial advisors, attorneys, and in-home caregivers


Strategic Planning for Complex Elder Care Scenarios


Partnership with hospice care/medical facilities to enable a peaceful, meaningful, and fully supported experience for family, friends, and other close associates

Customized communications to inform all family, friends, and the general community of the deceased’s passing and to provide guidance on tribute


Event planning and management of funerary events, including guidance about honoring the deceased’s unique personality, culture, history, and desires

Culturally sensitive referrals to spiritual care providers, funeral home directors, clergy, licensed mental health professionals and secular grief coaches


Bereavement Support

Planning Funerary Events
Estate Processing

Full-service project management of all tasks required to process the estate and close probate (if required)

Estate Processing Plan developed with clearly identified priorities, milestones, and dependencies

Document organization and record search (e.g., medical billing/insurance, real property, finances, utilities, etc.)

Assistance with optimizing account transitions with government agencies, banks, service providers and others

Guided referrals to and liaison with exclusive healthcare, legal, and financial service professionals


Estate Processing and Transition Project Management

Future mapping

Supportive services to respectfully guide the survivors of loss as they adjust to various long-term impacts

Guidance in developing detailed plans to address client priorities while optimizing for quality of life

Facilitated decision-making and logistics support for household management plans, annual budgeting processes, real property and location strategy, and arrangements for daily living

Referrals to and liaison with therapists, certified life coaches, clergy, non-denominational chaplains, and other longer-term supportive services professionals


Future Mapping for Acutely-Impacted Survivors

How It Works

Notes on
Our Process


Brief Intake

Brief Intake

It starts with a call or email
A member of our intake team will reach out to you to ask a few basic questions.




When you feel ready 

An initial consultation will be scheduled with one of our experienced Navigators. This meeting can be over the phone, or in person at your home, office, or another location. 

Banister consultations are always complimentary 

This conversation typically lasts between 15-60 minutes and will include an assessment and initial resource sharing.


Notes on
Our Process

You should feel comfortable

Provide as much or as little detail about your situation and your potential needs during this initial session.

If you decide to work

with Banister

We will quickly provide you with an engagement scope and detailed plan that includes our proposed approach with estimated service hours and expense budget (i.e. for travel). We typically provide services on an hourly basis after the provision of a retainer. 

Banister Advisors is a client services company and does not sell products.  Our healthcare navigation, bereavement and estate services are delivered efficiently and discreetly by trusted professionals. We do not accept fees from third-party vendors and service providers.


Serving clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond

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For questions, please feel free to use
the form to contact us

You may also email our team directly
or call us at (206) 485-0555

Many people choose to make an appointment for a complimentary,
no-commitment intake call which
often includes initial resource sharing based on individual needs


Join our Team

For those seeking job opportunities,
please email your resume and a cover letter to
We are always looking for new contributors to join our growing team of employees and sub-contractors

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